Yoga & Mindfulness (2) - Aisling Graham

23 June 2019

Yoga And Mindfulness Workshop for Teachers / Classroom Assistants & People / Parents who work in a direct role with Children – Part 2.

This is the second Workshop in a Series of four. Each one can be attended on its own - there is no need to have attended previous or future workshops. You will cover different aspects of how to offer suitable Yoga and Mindfulness practices for the children in your care and the information will be delivered in an experiential way by Aisling who works with children in schools, yoga studios, in the community and also offers one to one yoga therapy sessions.

Teaching children yoga and mindfulness can deepen their connection with themselves, enhance their concentration and enable them to feel more connected to the world around them. All children are different and we, the people who are in direct contact with them, need the tools and skills to help them to achieve their full potential.

You will practice yoga postures and mindfulness techniques that can be used/utilised in a classroom or working directly with a child. The focus will be on the experiential learning of breathing techniques, therapeutic sound and movement facilitated through group exercises and practice. The workshop will be taught in a child centred, inclusive manner with emphasis on paired/group practice.

We know that when brain breaks are utilised in “real time” throughout the day it will improve a childs performance academically and behaviourally enabling the child to feel calm, centred and able to cope with difficult situations.

In this workshop you will begin to think about what breathing practices and  movements you would use in a 10 /20 minute brain break and why? And you will begin to plan suitable brain breaks for the children in our care.

The workshop will cover:

-          The science of integrating the whole brain and the mind/body connection

·         Pranayama (breathing exercises) suitable for promoting calmness in children for different outcomes

·          Asana (Yoga postures) suitable for both a classroom environment and working directly with an individual child

-          Specific Asana for specific outcomes       

·         Yoga and mindfulness techniques for children on the Autistic spectrum

·         Techniques for Behavioural management and yoga for self regulation

·         A yoga practice suitable for you to use straight away in your classroom or anywhere.

You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of how yoga and mindfulness practices can benefit your teaching / relationship with the children in your care and feeling confident that you can use them. You will be adding to your “toolbox” a series of breathing exercises, yoga postures and mindfulness techniques to enrich your own teaching/work and the children’s learning experiences.

This workshop may be used as CPD for teachers; it is not a qualification to teach yoga to children as this is a separate qualification. The primary aim of this workshop is to diversify teaching/caring techniques using the ancient tradition of yoga and mindfulness and to enrich the lives of the young people in our care.

DATE: Sunday 23rd June

TIME: 10am - 1pm

COST: £30