Bruce White

Title: Teacher

Bruce's interest in Yoga began in his teens, snippets of information kindled his curiosity and connection with this age old practice. However it was the mid 90’s before he began a regular Hatha Yoga practice. Reading Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras around the same lead to the practical and philosophical aspects of Yoga becoming intertwined as his study and exploration of Yoga began in earnest.

In 2001 he undertook his first teacher training with the YTTC, and subsequently began teaching in 2002. This was soon followed by teacher training in Pranayama and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

An exposure to Vinyasa Krama ten years ago, radically changed his practice, and this led to many years of intensive study and training in this style of Yoga, which deeply informs his current teaching. In recent years he has undertaken and graduated from year one and two of the OM Kara Kriya, training in Yoga and Tantra.

He feels grateful and much indebted to have had the opportunity to study with teachers, lineages and traditions whom have conveyed yoga into the present day, and he aims to pass on the clarity and richness of these teachings in his classes.