The Functional Anatomy of Suryanamaskar - Paul Rutherford

26 January 2019

This workshop is a must for any student of yoga interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of Suryanamaskar. It will combine its practice  with Western scientific theory to build on existing knowledge of functional anatomy. 

Individual asana within the sequence and alternative transitions will be broken down with the initial focus centred on the joint positions; this will lead to the identification of the muscles that create the form of the pose (the prime movers or agonists) and those that stretch (the antagonists). 

The key to safely and effectively positioning the joints is achieved through engaging the correct muscles; engage the prime movers and the joints will align.  The key to deepening each asana is in the controlled and mindful manipulation of the muscles that stretch in the pose. The breath is the link between the mind and the body, use of the breath to enhance drishti will be explored to centre focus on the muscles that position the joints as we move through each posture.

This workshop will appeal to all yoga practitioners eager to increase their personal understanding of both the practice and anatomy of Suryanamaskar and particularly to those who are training to be teachers or those already quailfied.

As a kinaesthetic student, Paul is a firm believer in active learning and that many concepts are not completely understood until the theory is put into physical practice - so this will be an experiential workshop with a strong emphasis on the breath-movement connection. As a qualified yoga instructor with a degree in Health, Physical Activity and Sport and a Master`s in Education Paul will bring enormous experience to understanding the human form related to yoga asana. He delivers the Anatomy for Yoga module on Santosha`s 200 Hour teacher Training course.

DATE: Saturday 26th January

TIME: 10-1pm

COST: £30 ( Studio m/bers 10% discount )