Absolute Jivamukti - Steven Conville

9 December 2018

Join Steven for an afternoon of Jivamukti Yoga - this Yoga Method adheres to five central tenets:  Ahimsa (non-violence), Bhakti (devotion), Dhyana (Meditation), Nada (sound), and Shastra (scriptures). 

In this workshop we will delve into yoga practices that explore these tenets in a practical and accessible way.  As a group we will create space for us to reconnect with ourselves through chanting simple Sanskrit mantras, pranayama, and meditation before indulging in an extended asana practice expected to cleanse, renew, and invigorate you.  Expect plenty of hands-on-assists and deep relaxation ( and maybe a massage! )


Sanskrit chanting will form an important component of this workshop


The asana portion of a Jivamukti class can be physically challenging, so you should have some experience with Hatha or Vinyasa practices (approx. 3 months).  Modifications will be offered.


DATE: Sunday 9th December 2018


COST: £25 ( Studio m/bers 10 discount )