Backbending workshop - Blanche Thompson

20 January 2018

We spend most of our day in a forward bending position which has implications on the health of our back. Constantly having our shoulders and back rounded forwards re-enforces a feeling of closing inwards which affects our emotional state. This is further exacerbated during this time of year with the dark nights, colder weather and post Christmas blues.

Incorporating backbends into our practice will help to flex and relax the muscles in your back helping to regain strength and suppleness leading to a good posture; release the built-up tension in muscles and joints by opening up the frontal portion of the body improving your mood, relieving stress, opening up your mind and heart.

The workshop will explore different ways to encourage bringing backbends more into our daily practise. Postures will be explored in different ways using the breath, props and  partner work, Postures will include ones we can use daily – whether in our own home or at work to exploring more advanced asanas.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Date Saturday 20th January

Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

Cost: £25 ( Studio m/bers £22.50 )