Beginnings, middles & endings Yoga workshop - Kay Scorah

21 September 2018

We think of our practice or class(es)  as having a beginning (centring), a middle (asana) and an end (relaxation). I’ve been enjoying bringing that journey to every pose and transition in my practice; paying attention to the starting position, the journey into the pose, and then the holding of that pose.  

This helps me to be present in every moment of my yoga practice, even if I’m doing a fairly energetic flow sequence / practice.

 So in this workshop we will take 7 “beginnings”

-       Tadasana

-       Table top/all fours

-       Wide-legged standing pose (set up for the warriors and trikonasana)

-       Supine, knees bent

-       Dandasana

-       Prone: Lying on the belly

-       Savasana

For each one we’ll work on the alignment of the skeleton and how we use our muscles to keep the body in place. Then we’ll move with awareness into the “middle”; 2 or 3 poses which use that position as their start point, and then the “ending”; asking what this pose teaches us about our own body, how we feel in the pose and what it inspires us to do next.

The workshop is suitable for all levels. The pace will be slow ( and as strong as you choose to make it). That is, we’ll be taking our time to get in to the asanas and challenging ourselves to hold them once we get there.

Date: Friday 21st September

Time:  7 - 9pm

Cost: £20 ( Studio m/bers 10% discount )