Yoga workshop - Kay Scorah

8 September 2019

Practices not habits - in which we begin to re-discover our natural movement.

As babies and very small children, every move we make is an exciting discovery of what our body is capable of. Similarly, when we begin our yoga journey, we are focused on learning about alignment, breathing and position.

As we progress and get used to any movement, including yoga asana, we may develop unconscious habits that over time can lead to stress and damage.

In the first half of the workshop, we’ll begin to unpick some of our unhelpful physical habits, referring to some of the work and exercises of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body Mind Centring) as well as Min Tanaka’s “Body Weather” movement and kinaesthetic research.

In the second part, we’ll use what we have learned to inform and adapt a flowing yoga routine to our own body and ability.

For some of the time we’ll be working in pairs or groups of 3 so that we can give and receive feedback from our fellow yogis.

 The workshop is suitable for all levels.

Date: Sunday  8th September

Time:  9 - 1pm

Cost: £30 ( Studio m/bers 10% discount )