Open workshop - Stu Girling (1)

25 May 2018

"Working with What You've Got" is the generic title of this series of interlinked workshops which have been arranged relating to some of the major joints of the body and associated posture groups.

The workshops introduce anatomical concepts in an accessible and fun way and are very practically based with the intention of allowing students to discover those muscles and areas of the body that are restricting them and demonstrating ways that they can work on those areas with more specificity.

The idea is that through greater understanding of how different areas of the body influence the finished postures students or teachers can learn to release restricted areas, to sequence more efficiently and also reduce the risk of taking stress into vulnerable areas by moving in the right places.

The workshops are suitable for all styles of yoga because rather than looking at specific alignment that might relate to one style or the other Stu will take the route of exploring what might stop you achieving a desired alignment. All level of student is catered for by providing the information in multiple layers and allowing students to practically explore at their own level.

In this open session students will have the opportunity to talk directly to Stu about anything that you are currently experiencing in your body connected to your yoga practice. 

DATE: Friday 25th May

TIME: 6.30 - 9pm

COST: Donation only - all proceeds of this workshop will be donated to Santosha`s two charity partners - the Kids Hospice ( local ) and the Sebastian Indian Social Projects ( India ). Please send us an e mail to book and confrim your place.