Chakra Balancing & Meditation Workshop ( Part 4 ) - Kim MacKenzie

28 April 2018

This insightful 1/2 day workshop, which is the final one in a series of four, is designed to introduce and teach how specific chakras function and connect energetically to the human body. Various meditative, empowering and self-healing techniques will be offered to aid and remove any blockages on a cellular DNA level, realigning your body back to wholeness on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level. Each workshop can be attended on a stand alone basis.

From infancy, the journey of life is all about learning and growing; we take chances, make mistakes, tested by certain situations or circumstances, right?  This can often shift us out of alignment, we begin to grasp to past and future thoughts or emotions, steering us further away from our daily present selves. We form habits and patterns we wished we could clear yet unsure how. Our emotional and physical state becomes out of balance, leading to stress, anxiety or illness.

Do you want to have simple and supportive “life tools”  to help deal with any of this? By delving into the power of chakras via meditation and self-healing techniques, it allows us to come back into balance and alignment.

Please note that you do not have to attended previous workshops to attend this one!

  • Clears and removes blockages on a mental, emotional and physical level (cellular DNA)
  • Brings the body back into balance
  • Can reduce stress, anxiety and alleviate depression
  • Aids learning about the self with compassion and understanding
  • Gives clarity to past or present situations
  • Boosts functioning of major organs
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Can lead to reduction of blood pressure
  • Can decrease insomnia and promote better sleep
  • Teaches you to let go of “pain” on all levels
  • Heightens awareness to the world around you


DATE: Saturday 28th April

TIME: 1pm - 4pm

COST: £30 ( Studio m/bers 10% discount )