We have been a full time yoga studio for 14 years and in this time have provided professional, quality classes, training and workshops for our students.

Yoga`s unique blend of asana ( poses ), pranayama ( breathing ) and yoga nidra ( relaxation ) can help you to become more active and promote an increased sense of physical, mental and emotional weel- being - health in the truest sense of the word.

It works the physical body while soothing and calming the nervous system to promote calmness, emotional balance and an improved sense of contentment.    

Here in Santosha we provide classes based on an integrated practice of the various limbs of yoga. We adopt a non-dogmatic approach, respecting the various traditions which collectively provide a very rich source for personal growth and development.

10.00am Susan     1 1/2 hrs
Monday Ashtanga for Beginners resumes 10th Sept. 10.00am Ros 1 1/2 hrs
Monday  Hatha Flow - NEW  7.00pm Lisa 1 1/2 hrs
Monday Beginners  7.00pm Kieran 1 1/2 hrs
Tuesday Mixed Ability  10.00am Raymond    1 1/2 hrs
Tuesday Beginners  10.30am Blanche 1 1/2 hrs 
Tuesday Mixed Ability 5.30pm Paddy 1 1/4 hrs
Tuesday Jivamukti `Open` resumes 11th Sept. 7.00pm Steven 1 1/2hrs
Tuesday Candlelit Yin Yoga reumes 4th Sept. 7.00pm Sandra 1 1/4 hrs 
Tuesday Beginners  7.00pm Paddy 1 1/2hrs
Wednesday Ashtanga `Mysore`- NEW Summer class  6.30am Ros    ...
Wednesday Beginners  10.00am Paddy 1 1/2 hrs
Wednesday Ashtanga `Led`  7.00 pm Lee 1 1/2 hrs
Wednesday Mixed Ability 7.00pm Bruce 1 1/2 hrs
Wednesday Beginners 7.00pm Aisling 1 1/2 hrs


Mixed Ability  10.00am Lisa 1 1/2 hrs


Post Natal & Baby yoga 11.00am Gill 1 1/2 hrs
Thursday Intermediate 7.00pm Paddy 1 1/2 hrs
Thursday Pregnancy 7.30pm Gill 1 1/4 hrs
Friday Mixed Ability 10.00am Paddy 1 1/2 hrs
Friday Mixed Ability 6.15pm Blanche 1 1/2 hrs
Saturday Mixed Ability 7.30am Ros 1 1/2 hrs

                            Santosha`s Teachers - Meet the Team!

 Sat. & Sun.

            Teacher Training, Workshops & C.P.D


The various classes will include  general practices` suitable for everyone based on the level of each class and reflect the Studio ethos - Yoga for All!

Lasting 1 1/2 hours each class costs £10 ( £8 for senior citizens and students in full time education aged 16+ years )  and we also offer a number of class card and other membership options.


 Drop In Availability In ALL Classes
No Need To Pre - Book!
(Except Pregnancy, P-Teen, Hypno Birth, Post - Natal & Baby and Yoga for Kids)


Yoga gives you an energy boost and releases 'happy hormones' or endorphins which make us feel good and positive about ourselves. Yogas holistic approach to the individual makes it much more than 'exercise'. It recognizes that we are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings and seeks to integrate these aspects of our multi - dimensional being to promote and sustain our well-being.


It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner. Your stage of life, state of health and level of knowledge are unimportant as the benefits are accessible and universal for everyone!

Some of the benefits of practicing Yoga are listed below:

  • Stretch and tone the physical body
  • Learn breathing techniques that can help in the management of stress related issues
  • Improve balance & co - ordination
  • Promote improved digestion and elimination
  • Help improve joint mobility
  • Restore vitality and help remove fatigue
  • Ease everyday aches and pains
  • Soothe & calm the nervous system
  • Help weight control as part of a calorie controlled diet
  • Build strength and stamina

The benefits  of practicing Yoga regularly are now recognized by many sports people, teams and groups as an aid to injury prevention. It doesn`t matter if it`s professional, amateur or recreational as the benefits are universal. Yoga can act as the perfect complement to an already existing training regime to help maximize performance.


"Yoga provides a means for people to find their own way of connecting with their true selves"
- Swami Satyananda Saraswati - world renowed yoga teacher.