Jungle themed Family Yoga Workshop

1 March 2020

We`re going on a Jungle themed adventure through the forest where we will meet various animals and travel on a magic carpet! 

As well as having fun yoga provides many benefits for children through breathing exercises, stretching in the different postures and focusing the mind through balance and visualisations. In introducing yoga to children, it is important to make it fun and enjoyable to develop the child's confidence. 

Family yoga provides an opportunity for parents to connect with their children through doing the postures together, supporting the child and partner work.


This workshop will provide an opportunity for parents to participate with their children(ren) in a yoga class and learning new ways to support their child in developing a yoga practice. There will be opportunities to learn different variations of postures depending on the age of the child, how to encourage their focus through breathing exercises and physical ways to support this child in asanas. 


The workshop will be led by Blanche Thompson, who has been teaching kids yoga at Santosha for the past 7 years, in schools and for summer schemes.

Blanche has completed theSantosha Yoga for Kids course and has worked in the play development field for the past 15 years and brings her experience of play into the yoga class. 


Date: Sunday 1st March 

Cost £10 per parent and child and £3 for any additional child.

Time: 2pm - 3:15pm 

If you would like to book a place for your child(ren) phone Blanche on 07546 339 830 or e mail her on blanchethompson1012@gmail.com