Guidelines for attending class during Covid 19

27 August 2020

We would like to assure you that we have taken on – board all of the current public health agency guidelines to make the re-opening of the Studio as safe as possible.


We have put in place a number of measures to ensure a safe practice space for all which are outlined below:


• Classes will continue to be on a drop-in basis - there will be a limit on the number of students able to attend class so that 2m social distancing can be maintained so please come early to avoid disappointment. Once a class is full the Studio door will be locked.


• Please bring your own yoga mat and any equipment that you may need as well as a blanket for relaxation.


• The Studio has been thoroughly cleaned and will continue to be on an on – going basis.


• As the wearing of a face covering is now compulsory in many enclosed spaces we would ask that everyone wear one as a courtesy to others, unless you are unable to do so. 


• When you arrive at the Studio you should make your way as normal up the stairs where there is a hand sanitization station which you should use. Hand santiziers have been left throughout the Studio – please use them at your convenience.


• Ideally payment should be made by card although cash will be accepted as well. Once you`ve made payment make your way to your space and you can then, if you wish, remove your face covering for the duration of your class. If you leave your mat for any reason you should put it back on.


• You should minimize the touching of surfaces.


• Please continue to follow the sneezing / coughing / regular hand washing etiquette that we have all been following these last few months. 


• The Studio door, main toilet door and windows will remain open for as long as possible to ensure that the Studio is well ventilated. Wear an extra layer of clothing if need be which can then be removed.


• The toilets should only be used by 1 person at a time.

• Teachers will not be providing `hands on` adjustments at this time.


• Once your class is finished please leave the Studio in an orderly fashion while maintaining an awareness of social distancing.


• If you begin to show any signs of Covid then you shouldn`t attend class.


All of the current public health advice continues to point to doing the simple things on a consistent basis to help reduce the potential for transmission of the virus. All measures are aimed at creating a safe space so that we can safely open and continue to practice and we know that we can rely on your support and co – operation in all of this - we look forward to seeing you!


Please follow the link below to view the timetable…