Lisa Tucker

Title: Teacher

Lisa got into yoga about 10 years ago. Initially she used yoga as a class to compliment fitness and dance. Then after a serious hip injury turned to yoga as a way to help and support recovery. It was after this that a desire had ignited to ‘investigate’, ‘explore’ ,‘learn’ and it was this desire that opened a pathway of what lisa would soon discover was ‘svadhyaya’ self - enquiry and self - discovery. This ethos is the building blocks not only to Lisa’s self practice but classes she leads. She believes being on a yoga mat is a platform and a gift, in this busy world we live in. Many roles and responsibilities pull us every day and all yoga asks is for you to turn up. Lisa succeffully completed her 200 hr Hatha teacher training under the guidance and teachings of Paddy Hamill, and she has also recently completed her Yin yoga teacher training. What might you expect from Lisa’s classes? 

‘I want students to explore their practice. How does your own body work, what makes it work? Ignite an understanding to how something feels. And at times this will offer up questions? Self inquiry? Absolutely! Soft does mean weak, and hard does don’t mean strong. Once we connect the mindset, with the breathe the asanas become the dance of yoga. Her class is based on a flow aspect of the root of Hatha, building on good technique, inner strength and self - discovery and she`d love to see you at one of ther classes!