New Year Yoga Workshop - Paddy Hamill

30 December 2017

The New Year is a time of transition - from the old to the new – a time to reflect on the year gone by and to look forward to the year ahead - it is an auspicious time for yoga and the journey of spiritual enquiry.

In this workshop you will harness the power of `Sankalpa` or `inspired resolve` as a gateway to effecting real and positive change for the year ahead. The basis for this change will be a grounded asana practice focused on a variety of standing and inverted poses. The feet / legs and the hands / arms are two of the karmendriyas - the organs of action and it`s the limbs that will provide us with the stability that we`ll need to practice the various poses.

This grounding is linked to Muladhara chakra whose element is the `earth` element. Associated with roots, nourishment, trust, health, home, family, prosperity and appropriate boundaries it is the back-drop for everything else that goes on in our lives. When this aspect is in balance, we are in good health, comfortable in our body, have a sense of trust in the world, feel safe and secure, can relax and be still, have stability, prosperity and abundance.

Being grounded is important in standing poses and even more so in inverted poses as we seek to find a balance between strength, effort, focus and the desire to progress our practice. Through a series of interlinked poses you can progressively work towards your parameters and progress your practice.


 DATE : Saturday 30th December      

TIME : 10am – 1pm

COST :  £30