Paddy Hamill

Title: Founder / Director / Owner

Paddy is the Director of `Santosha Yoga` which comprises both Santosha Yoga Studio and Santosha Yoga Training.

He has been practicing yoga for almost 25 years. A passionate advocate of the benefits of Yoga he brings a wealth of experience  to his teaching which is underpinned by student safety and is delivered with a down to earth approach.

He teaches a range of classes at different levels and encourages every student to work at a level that is appropriate for them. His classes will help progressively build strength, stamina and flexibility and are characterized by precision, correct alignment and attention to detail. He believes that these fundamentals will lead to a sustainable, integrated and injury free practice. 

The Studio also provides various high quality training courses for those students wishing to train as yoga teachers, develop their CPD or those who would like to focus on developing specific areas of interest.

Literally hundreds of yoga trainess have passed through our doors successfully completing a wide range of yoga courses and as one of the most long established yoga training providers we have gained a reputation for quality, excellence and professionalism.

Paddy has been involved in training yoga teachers for over 19 years and as director of Santosha Yoga Training he continues to oversee and develop further courses and workshops to help support all students of yoga in their on - going journey. It is this structured support that will help you to achieve your short, medium and long term goals in yoga.