Restoring Balance Through Yoga Workshop - Bruce & Wendy

21 April 2018

A google search of “how to find balance in your life” brings up 332,000,000 results. And yet we still have trouble finding it.

All of us have a desire to find balance, from trying to achieve a work life balance, to making decisions from a place of balance.

A daily Yoga practice is the most direct way to restore the balance that is already present in ourselves and life.

This workshop will examine asana and pranayama (moving and breathing), mantra(sound), yantra (visual image) and mudra (hand gesture) using the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and tantric practices learnt from our teachers. 

This will give you the means to develop and maintain a daily self practice to restore balance to your body so you can relate with the world around you from a place of calm and steadiness.

The workshop is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to those who regularly participate in Yoga.

Date: Saturday 21st April 

Time: 10am -1pm

Investment: £30