Satsang with Michael Mc Cann

17 November 2019

Are you a Yoga practitioner, teacher or seeker who wants to deepen your practice and understanding of Yoga?

Do you wish to refresh your approach to Yoga and to evolve on this wonderful path?

Do you want to learn traditional, esoteric Yoga as it has been handed down through the authentic chain of transmission?

Do you ever wonder if there is more to Yoga than the aerobic-orientated body culture of today?

Do you wish to explore Yoga as a spiritual path?

Are you ready to taste the ancient scriptures of Yoga?

Are you ready to chant and sing the ancient songs?

Do you have deep-seated questions on Yoga?

Are you ready, and open, to go deeper?

Do you wish to share with a sangha of fellow- seekers on the Path?

Are you open to the spontaneous creativity of the moment and the joy of Yoga?   

These Sunday Sangha are open to everyone, an invitation - all you need is “the call”- a thirst to learn, and an open heart.

Michael has studied the ancient science of traditional yoga in the “guru pampara tradition”, and this is a special opportunity to drink at the well of priceless wisdom.


DATES: 17th NOVEMBER - Final Satsang of 2019!

TIME: 11am - 1pm

COST: £10