Restorative Yoga & Healing Sounds Class - Tessa Ann Greer

29 October 2017

Join Tessa Ann for this super chilled session of restorative yoga poses followed by healing sounds.

Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice during which you will use props such as blankets, cushions, blocks and bolsters to support you and allow your body completely relax, allowing you to surrender to yourself.

It is through relaxation that many other benefits can occur.

The healing sounds played whilst in savasana can further enhance the relaxation effects of your restorative yoga experience.

Tessa Ann, from The Sound Healing Spa, will deliver this session and introduce you to the effects that different types of musical instruments can have on the body, when played with the intention of using them as therapeutic tools. 


DATE: Sunday 29th October

TIME: 7 - 9pm

COST: £15 ( Studio m/bers 10% discount )