The Vagus Nerve - Elaine Magowan

14 April 2019

Activating and Resetting the VAGUS NERVE workshop .

90%of the population don’t know of this important cranial nerve . It innervates every system of the body and leads us to a greater understanding of why yoga works for our wellbeing.

In this workshop we will explore how Yoga , Breathing Practice and Meditation can support the reset of this vital nerve in our body.

Learning how the nerve functions and through simple regular practices we have the ability to support it back to optimal well being.

Helping to bring our bodies back into balance and healthy function through the BRAIN,HEART & GUT CONNECTION.

Now especially understood to help reduce inflammation in the body and have a big influence on Depression and Anxiety .

DATE: Sunday 14th April

TIME: 10am - 1pm

COST: £30 ( Studio m/bers 10% discount )