Threads on the Path Retreat - Michael Magennis

30 September 2019

The Retreat Day will introduce you to relaxation and body balance, spending time in quiet reflection and meditation. You will connect your inner nature and soul using the elements and ruminate on the real purpose of our existence.

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day of the retreat.
Plan that you do not have to see or reply to phone calls or other diversions. Ideally, your phone should remain switched off during the day. Avoid any reading, writing or communication that would dispense from the focus of the Retreat.

Location - Killeavy Castle Estate Killeavy Caste Estate is a rare place that can bestow an uncommon and precious gift - the feeling of having the world all to yourself. Shrouded by the dense woodlands on the Ring of Gullion, the music of bird song and the whispers of ancient memories caress the air. Where nature walks hand in hand with history, you’ll unlock the door to universal nature earth, tree flowers and the elements.

For further enquires or to reserve a place please contact Michael directly: 

Email:  Tel: +44 7547 795209

DATE: 30th September

TIME:10am - 5pm

COST: £80