Twisting workshop - Paddy Hamill

17 February 2018

Your ability and the degree to which you can twist is dependent upon the mobility of the spine and its supporting muscles and ligaments - primarily the lumbar ( lower ), thoracic ( mid ) and cervical ( upper ) spine.

The spine can twist and move in different diections at the same time and for this reason it`s important that we understand and appreciate both the value and importance of good technique to protect ourselves from injury.

We very often carry tension deep within our bodies and when we twist we can feel as though we are literally wringing that tension out.

In this workshop you will explore a range of twisting poses from a supine, seated, kneeling and standing position to help encourage and facilitate this release. The use of props and partner work will allow you to explore various poses in a different way.

This workshop is open to ALL levels of yoga practitioner as each student will be encouraged to work at his / her own level.

Date: Saturday 17th February

Time: 10am - 1pm

Cost: £30 ( Studio m/bers 10% dicount )