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Santosha offers a comprehensive Continual Professional Development ( CPD ) programme of yoga teacher training courses, on - going workshops and classes by highly qualified international and local yoga teachers


Follow the links below for further information on each individual event or if you have any questions please call us on 028 92 63 44 64.  

  • Going Deeper Into Yoga

    10 March 2019

    A programme of Satsangs with Michael Mc Cann.

  • Inversions workshop - Paddy Hamill

    16 March 2019

    Given the fact that we spend the vast majority of each day on our feet then it`s not unusual to have a degree of fear about turning your world upside down by practicing inverted yoga poses - this need not be the case however! By applying fundamental principles we will explore how to approach inverted poses working from a stable base - this will provide you with a platform to connect more fully with the experience of being inverted.

  • First Aid Training Day

    16 March 2019

    As a practicing Yoga teacher you will be aware of the need and importance of being familiar with health and safety issues and how to deal with these issues should they arise in your class in a rational and professional manner.

  • Hips & Balancing workshop - Blanche Thompson

    30 March 2019

    In yoga we speak of tight hips, needing to open the hips, but there is more to this as our hips are an essential for our day to day activities like simply walking.

  • Superhero themed Family Yoga Workshop

    7 April 2019

    Learn skills through yoga to be your favourite Superhero! As well as having loads of fun yoga provides many benefits for children through breathing exercises, stretching in the different postures and focusing the mind through balance and visualisations.

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