Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop for Primary Teachers & Classroom assistants - Aisling Graham

3 February 2019

This workshop will look at the current climate facing teachers with regards to effective teaching of young children, looking at internal and external factors relating to effective learning. It will have an integrated “whole child” approach to preparing children for active learning during the school day, to improve concentration and focus in the classroom.


We will practice yoga postures and mindfulness techniques that can be used/utilised in a classroom with a focus on integrating a child’s senses, using a sensory diet for a better experience for both children and teachers. This will allow teachers to develop a better understanding of the need for children to have “brain breaks” throughout the day which will improve their performance academically and behaviourally.


The workshop will cover:

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) suitable for promoting calmness in children
  • Asana (Yoga postures) suitable for a classroom environment
  • The science of integrating the whole brain and the mind/body connection
  • Yoga and mindfulness techniques for children on the Autistic spectrum
  • Techniques for Behavioural management and yoga for self regulation
  • A yoga practice suitable for you to use straight away in your classroom


You will be leaving this workshop with a deeper understanding of how yoga and mindfulness practices can benefit your teaching and the children in your classroom and feeling confident that you can use them. You will be adding to your teaching “toolbox” a series of breathing exercises, yoga postures and mindfulness techniques to enrich your own teaching and the children’s learning experiences.

DATE: Sunday 3rd February

TIME: 10am - 1pm

COST: £30