The Ashtanga system of yoga begins wih the practice of the 'primary series'. This 'flow based' dynamic system of yoga will quickly build strength, stamina and flexibility.

It's benefits include freeing the body from 'dis - ease', making it strong and light while preparing the body for the more meditative limbs of yoga practice on the path to Samadhi ( realization ). Mental and emotional tension are released allowing you to connect to your true self as layers of old and preconceived conditioning are removed.

As the class is structured on a fixed sequence basis the student works at a level appropriate for them. Yoga is totally non - competitive and seeks to tap into the immense reservoir of potential that resides within us all. This sense of being and feeling 'connected' cultivates and promotes an 'awareness' that allows us to live a life infused with a joy for living. 

No previous experience of Ashtanga yoga is necessary although a good basic knowledge of various yoga asana is required. The class follows a fixed sequence which stretches all of the body. Focus is placed on awareness of the breath ( using Ujjayi ) and focus / gaze ( drishti ) as a means of concentrating awareness and intensifying your practice.

Heat builds quickly in the body and through perspiration toxins are released, cleansing the body of impurities leaving you feeling refreshed and energized!  

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