Ashtanga (ash-tang-ga)

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga where breath and movement is connected so that posture follows posture in a flow from start to finish. Vinyasa means coordination of movement with the breath. When to inhale and exhale and how to move from one posture to the next is well defined. Postures are done in a certain sequence. 

Mysore Style' is how Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is traditionally taught in Mysore, India.

Beginners often assume that Mysore Ashtanga classes must be for more advanced students that know the sequence, this is not true.

This unique yoga class is specifically designed to accommodate ALL LEVELS of yoga students, from 'advanced practitioners' to complete beginners.

 A Mysore Ashtanga class closely mirrors the ancient one-to-one guru-student relationship through which yoga was traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Although there may be many students in a class, each student is treated like an individual.


Each students practice is based upon their physical ability, so it accommodates all levels – from the complete beginner to more accomplished students. Beginner students will likely have a much shorter practice than more experienced ones, and then slowly, when the teacher sees that the student is ready, additional poses are added to the routine, building stamina, strength, flexibility and concentration

but without overexertion or risk of injury.


Here in Santosha we offer both `Led` ( where the teacher leads the group collectively in the practice ) and `Mysore`.

 The Mysore Method enables you to come as you are

and be as you are !

You practise  individually while  supported in a group  setting.

As Guruji would say : No fearing, you come!