Course tutors profiles

Paddy Hamill

Position: Founder, Director & Owner of Santosha Yoga

Paddy is responsible for directing the various courses at Santosha. He has developed a comprehensive range of courses which will help you to achieve your short, medium and long term goals in yoga. He has put in place a highly structured and integrated framework of learning which will help you to access and reach your full potential. 

He is the director of studies, lead tutor and main contributor on the 200 hour Diploma Course, Level Two and Yoga for Athletes teacher training courses. He has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. He initially trained and qualified as an Iyengar teacher and since then has committed himself to an on – going programme of in-depth study by completing courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Pranayama, his Yoga Assessors Course, Yoga Tutors course as well as attending workshops and training and he continues to practice and study all aspects of yoga in a personal capacity to further deepen his understanding.

Paddy is a Yoga Alliance UK registered Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) - this is the highest accreditation available to yoga teachers in Ireland and the UK. This is a reflection of his personal commitment to achieving and maintaining an exceptional standard of teaching and provides you with the knowledge that you are being trained by a highly experienced, competent and appropriately qualified teacher trainer.

This experience is augmented by a down to earth and easy going approach which enables you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your training.

Michael Mc Cann

Position: Senior tutor

Michael is one of the most experienced and highly respected teachers of yoga wisdom / philosophy in Ireland. He has spent many years of study and reflection on these subjects and offers the student an immense reservoir from which to draw and his knowledge will be shared freely with students. He has studied extensively under Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati of Mandala Yoga Ashram, taught Yoga wisdom / philosophy, subtle anatomy and meditation in all of the leading Yoga schools throughout Ireland and he will deliver the Yoga Philosophy module on Santosha`s 200 hour course. As a senior tutor with many years of teaching experience Michael will help illuminate and guide students` through this fascinating subject. He teaches with immense wisdom, compassion and humour. 


Paul Rutherford

Position: Course tutor

As a qualified yoga instructor with a degree in Health, Physical Activity and Sport and a Master`s in Education Paul will bring enormous experience to understanding the human form related to yoga asana through his delivery of the Anatomy for Yoga module on the course.      

As a kinaesthetic student, he is a firm believer in active learning and that many concepts are not completely understood until the written theory is put into physical practice - so this is an experiential module with a strong emphasis on the breath-movement connection and on the importance of the integrity and mindfulness of movement. At a personal level he believes in the power of the mind and that there is true freedom from personal suffering when we connect the ease and grace of the breath with our movement on the mat. Paul has been teaching and coaching over the past twenty years and is a passionate student of yoga and is continually developing through, personal practice, courses and workshops; he is currently completing his Doctorate in Health Studies, his thesis will focus on Primary School children and the benefits of yoga to their physical and socio-emotional health and development.

Kay Scorah

Position: Guest tutor

Kay graduated from the University of London in 1976 with an honours degree in Biochemistry. Having spent a year in the Max Planck Institute for Biophysik in Frankfurt she made the not so obvious move into advertising. After a number of highly successful years spent in advertising in 1988/89 she went to L.A where she studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Having attended her first yoga class in 1968 she has experienced classes and workshops with a variety of many excellent yoga teachers from different traditions. Kay has continued to train in yoga, dance and physical theatre, having received her yoga diploma from Yoga Therapy Ireland. She brings a wealth of experience to the course and with a combination of creativity, focused awareness and concentration will help students realise their full potential.