Embracing the Spring Energy Yin Yoga Workshop with Aisling Graham

21 April 2024

As the days get longer and we enter the Spring equinox, we can feel a shift in the vibrancy and expansion of our energy. Natures cyclic transitions exert a profound influence on human health and mood, governing sleep patterns, energy levels, and even our mental well-being, as such, in Springtime we may feel the need to throw open the windows, dust off the hard-to-reach areas and declutter our lives. Doing these things can help us to regain focus, ground ourselves and get ready to welcome something new.

Spring is a time for renewal, regrowth and birthing new plans. This could be an idea, a decision to change your circumstances, or simply, “letting go” of old stagnant energy. It is time to embrace and renew your energy, to shed the unwanted layers and to begin again. I invite you take a great big leap into this season with confidence and with the stability of this grounding yin yoga practice.

The Element associated with Spring is wood and the associated yin and yang organs are the liver and the gall bladder. Healthy liver chi governs the overall healthy flow of energy and rules the health of our muscles, tendons, eyes, nails, hands and feet. The liver oversees balancing emotions. Compassion is the emotion associated with liver chi harmony. Also, it is connected to our ability to make appropriate connections, a capacity to make plans and put them into action. In this yin yoga workshop, we will work on the back, hips, groins, all the areas where the liver meridian and gallbladder meridian are running through the body to stimulate them and bring the meridians into balance.

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE PLEASE E MAIL yogawithaisling@gmail.com or call 07753323534

DATE: Sunday 21st April

TIME: 10am-1pm

COST: £30