Hypno Yoga for Birth


This intimate, supportive class is a unique amalgam of hypno-therapeutic techniques, Yoga breathing and “Flowing Yoga”. It will deeply nourish the pregnant mother and baby during the journey of pregnancy and birth. These empowering and nurturing practices will help the mother to be to feel more focused, confident and calm.

Each class will begin with fun, flowing Yoga practices (asanas) which will help to melt physical tensions, allowing the birthing muscles to be relaxed, as nature intended.  Gentle Yoga sequences will also promote the flow of more vital energy around the mother and baby.

Yoga breathing (pranayama) is also taught as it is a powerful key to relaxation. These gentle but profound breathing practices will help to soothe the nervous systems of both mother and baby, promoting a more tranquil journey through pregnancy and birth.

Hypno-therapeutic practices (deep relaxation, self-hypnosis and visualisations) will be the core focus and support of the class. These practices will enhance the pregnant mother’s ability to create a space of comfort for herself and the baby/babies.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy and birth make women more naturally receptive to self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is a completely natural state of absorption or focussed attention. It opens the mother to the transformative power of creative visualisations, new perspectives and positive change. Everyone responds uniquely to hypnosis, but most women describe the experience as deeply relaxing and nurturing.

It is important to be assured that during self-hypnosis and deep relaxation the mother will be totally in control and actively engaged at all time.



Research has shown that this use of self-hypnosis reduces the length of time for active labour for first-time mothers and significantly reduces the need for pain relief. It also promotes more spontaneous deliveries and reduces the incidence of post- natal depression. Anxieties and fears from past birth trauma can also be positively addressed and overcome. Hypno-Yoga is a wonderful innovative way to promote a more natural, positive birth experience.

Hypnosis is the only no- risk painkiller’. (Dr Anna Zohrabian and Dr Rumi Peynovska)

Benefits of Hypno - Yoga for Birth:

· Provides more confidence to have a positive birth experience.

· Can help to clear trauma around previous negative birth experiences.

· Self-hypnosis teaches the art of entering a state of calm relaxation.

· Prepares mind and body by using personal visualisations to aid labour and delivery.

· Increases the ability to relax mentally and physically.

· Can shorten labour times.

· Promotes a calmer, more accepting and empowered mental state.

· Reduces incidence of post-natal depression.

· Helps to promote bonding

· Encourages a calmer, better adjusted baby, who feeds and sleeps better

Pregnancy yoga is taught by Gill Henderson who has  pioneered Pregnancy Yoga in Northern Ireland since 2003 , having trained with Birthlight Perinatal Yoga in London under Dr Francoise Freedman and Uma Dinsmore Tuli. She has taught it at Santosha Yoga Studio since 2004. She also teaches the Post - Natal & Baby yoga and Hypno Yoga for Birth class, immeasurably enriching what she offers as a widely experienced Pregnancy Yoga teacher.  

These classes will be 1 hour in duration. 

If you would like further information or would like to secure a place E mail  info@santoshayogastudio.co.uk or phone 028 92 63 44 64