In Spirit Sound and Vibration Healing workshop with Santiago & Nicola

25 February 2024

Santiago and Nicola invite you to their Sound & Healing Circle, a Gong Bath Experience. You will be immersed in Planetary Gong sounds which will slow the brain waves and facilitates a deep meditation and journeying state. 


The gongs send vibrations that balance the body, aid relaxation and healing. The Earth gong especially opens the heart chakra and allows for heart opening and balancing.

You will be bathed in a variety of gong sounds providing different energetic frequencies and targeting different chakras and emotions. We look forward to sharing the oldest form of healing with you all.

Date: Sunday 25th February

Time: 3 - 5pm

Cost: £30


Santiago & Nicola have been qualified naturopathic practitioners for over 20 years in different countries & doctrines - Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, Iridology, Nutrition & Bio-resonance. Since 2020, they are more focused in the healing aspect of vibration and sound, working with the brain waves, it’s functions, it's reactions & the change on the emotions and feeling's a person can have after a session of sound. 


Before they were more focused on helping the body giving supplements and physical things but now they see the real and only thing to treat the majority of times is the mind and the emotions. These emotions can affect us forever since they were implanted onto us many years ago.


Their studies in Sound-Vibration & Gong therapy, found a new way to approach dis-ease by helping people achieve a better state of mind, better attitude towards life, better vibes and more internal peace. 


As in Spirit, they are excited to share this healing with you all.


Nicola & Santiago