Testimonials - 200 hour Diploma Course

  • From the second I walked into Santosha that first day of the training course, I knew I had made the right decision. Paddy creates such a lovely, warm atmosphere and that is exactly what is needed to learn. The course is really well structured and while totally engineered to ensure your success, it is very rigorous and you will learn so much over the course of the year. From a personal point of view, not only has the course benefitted me in terms of the actual qualification, but in a more important way it has opened my eyes to a way of approaching life with compassion and acceptance of myself and others. If you are thinking of doing the course, my advice would be: just do it! 

    Pauline Hughes 200 Hour Graduate ( 2018 )
  • I was really pleased with the quality of teachers that were involved in delivering different aspects of the course. Notwithstanding their different personalities and approaches, one thing was clear; that they all really knew their stuff and were passionate about it. I was also exceptionally pleased with the professionalism with which Paddy directed and delivered the course. He was consistently present in everything that he did and was a true exemplar of what he was teaching. He elicited the trust of every student and made sure we felt supported every step of the way. Every person on the course, including myself went through a positive transformation and it was under his guiding hand and example.

    The support material which was provided was great, easy to digest and I liked the drip feed approach.... I also really appreciated the ongoing assignments which always provided a bit of reading and focus in between training weekends. Paddy`s comments and smiley faces were a nice uplift too....I left the course feeling very confident in my ability to put together lesson plans and develop a diverse range of lessons to a wide variety of groups, ages and physical ability. I would definitely rate this as one of the strengths of the course. The opportunity to work with all of the other students in planning activities was also a nice learning experience in itself.   

    Lindsay Fulton 200 Hour graduate ( 2017 )
  • I was in two minds for some time whether to take on a teacher training course. I had no real inclination to teach, but a strong desire to deepen my own practice and learning. I discussed my motivations with Paddy and after speaking with him, followed by instinct and signed up.

    The tutors on the course have a depth of knowledge and a true passion for yoga that engages the student on all levels. As course director, Paddy has an ability to relate to the group and the individual all at once. I also found a group of true and lifelong friends. The course weekends were something that I looked forward to on every occasion. I have a busy lifestyle, but found the course structured in such a way that I could fit it around my commitments when the right amount of dedication was applied.

    Every journey has bumps on the road, and this was no exception. From the highs of achievement to the lows of doubts and insecurities. However, as the course went on, I was not only developing a new skill, I was finding a new confidence that I certainly didn’t expect and a new approach to life that has made a lasting difference. As an added bonus, I have discovered that I actually enjoy teaching and I’m bringing what I’ve learned to my small rural community and loving it!

    In Santosha Yoga Studio, and by embarking on this course, you will find support and knowledge in excellent tutors, like minded people and lifelong friends but most importantly, you might even find yourself. Do it! 

    Sarah Fee 200 Hour graduate ( 2017 )
  • I really enjoyed my Yoga Teacher Training with Santosha Yoga. The studio itself is a great learning environment with a calm, welcoming interior and beautifully decorated.

    Paddy's teaching was at all times coherent and wonderfully paced, which showed his many years experience in his field. No question asked was ever left unanswered  and I never felt intimidated in asking any questions, and as a naturally shy person, it is a great skill Paddy has in making every student feel at home and comfortable within the studio.

    The course handouts and additional support material complements Paddy's teaching and is a great resource to take away after finishing the course to always refer back to. 

    I also enjoyed the other contributing tutors experience and teachings, who came in to teach Philosophy and Anatomy, it was good to hear and experience their yoga journey.

    I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to study yoga at Santosha, it has equipped me with deeper knowledge and a safer understanding of yoga and it's practices and I look forward to returning to Santosha to be a part of the on-going teaching courses and further CPD development within my own yoga journey.

    Michelle Bolger 200 Hour graduate 2014
  • The warm and welcoming atmosphere that I discovered in Santosha Yoga Studio continued the whole way through my yoga training.  Paddy put his heart and soul into each training day . No question too silly and no question too many.  Each teacher embodied the essence of yoga - humble, generous and empathic to their students` needs.  I personally received everything I wished for from the course and more.  This has given me confidence within my own practice.  Thank you also to Helen, our philosophy teacher, for sharing her knowledge and her many years of fascinating experience.  Thank you to Susan, for sharing knowledge of the physical body and her quietening and relaxing classes.  Thank you to Kay for her talent of 'embroidering' yoga practice and off course Paddy for making yoga 'real'. I look forward to attending many more courses at Santosha. Namaste. 

    Jill Greaves 200 Hour graduate ( 2013 )
  • The venue was always clean, spacious and warm. It was always perfect in terms of having a peaceful energy, obviously created by many courses, classes and workshops. All of the material that was presented was appropriate in the sense that I found it very useful in teaching my own students at present. I am very grateful for the focus on correct alignment as I think this is very important for beginners. The course was delivered in a calm, easily understood and yogic manner. I never left a training day feeling puzzled as there was always support available throughout to answer any questions. My discussions with Paddy,and after course phone calls, allowed me to gain strength and inspiration to follow through and successfully complete the course - and ultimately face my fears. All of the tutors were very open when approached and I felt a sense of empathy with each of them being very patient. It has been a life changing course for me in many respects. Paddy Hamill in particular has been a great source of inspiration throughout and I thank him from the heart!

    Phillip Morgan 200 Hour graduate ( 2012 )
  • During my regular yoga class I made a `resolve` to do my yoga teacher training. I then enrolled with Paddy and never looked back! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. It has helped me in my daily life as there are so many aspects to the course. I have made friends who will remain friends for the rest of my life. If you decide to train I see it as a good investment and hopefully you will benefit as much as I did. Thank you to Paddy and all the tutors.

    Suzanne Bennett 200 Hour graduate (2011)