Testimonials - 200 hour Diploma Course

  • Yoga has been my passion for more than 10 years so I wanted to delve deeper and learn more about it.  For several years now I have had a dream of teaching yoga professionally – this dream has now been realised! The location is brilliant – easy to get to, free parking, plenty of shops & eating establishments nearby etc. I was glad not to have to travel into Belfast which can be very congested and parking difficult & expensive. I also thought the studio was perfect - bright, welcoming, warm, clean and comfortable - plus the advantage of two separate studios for group work etc.  

    I know it isn`t always possible to please everyone with regards to days/ times/ frequency etc but the course structure on the whole worked very well for me around my work and family life. Before I started the course one full year felt like a long time – but now I am so glad it lasted for this length of time. It offers time to process, reflect, assimilate, practice and study in-between each training weekend.

    There is an abundance of material which I revisit over and over again. Every time I read it I get more out of it – I guess this is the process of assimilation. The final few training weekends provided invaluable learning for me – the revision and group teaching practicals. Of course this was out of everyone’s comfort zone but it was definitely the best way to learn and we all learned from each other. Paddy’s facilitation of this was excellent – diplomatic, patient, challenging & insightful.  

    I thought that all of the course tutors were excellent – Paddy, Michael, Paul, Kay (hope I haven’t forgotten anyone)! They were all extremely helpful, approachable, pleasant, knowledgeable, articulate and focused.  I thought Paddy especially so and I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Paddy. Michael’s gentle, calm & unassuming manner was very appropriate for his subject area – philosophy. I thought Kay was very impressive and engaging. Paul was very helpful, approachable, knowledgeable, accommodating and interesting to learn from. I personally really enjoy anatomy but I know that some students find it a bit ‘dry’ and complex. I thought Paul brought the content to life and made it accessible for all - thank you to all of the tutors – all of them excellent.

    This course is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has both inspired me and comprehensively equipped me to ‘get out there’ and teach yoga.  The learning doesn’t stop after course completion – I revisit the course material time and time again to guide and assist me in my teaching. The course tutors are all superb, especially Paddy who is brilliant – he is truly the real deal.  


    Claire Byrne 200 Hour Graduate ( 2021 )
  • From the moment I ascended the stairs at Santosha Studio Lisburn, I knew I had made the right decision. Paddy has created a lovely welcoming atmosphere in the studio - from his choice of music to the aromas and even a personal welcome to each student as they entered the studio.

    This course was a real eye opener for me in terms of my understanding of yoga.  In my eyes there was more than just carrying out yoga – it simply covered all aspects and each area gave me further understanding. The structure of the course over the weekend was perfect and Paddy’s succinct planning and excellent support material all ensured we achieved our dreams. 

    Starting each training day with a yoga practice was just beautiful as it got you focused and into the right frame of mind for the day ahead, carrying out this yoga practice was also good as it allowed you to further develop your own practice.

    This course has also changed me as a person, it has equipped me with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for successful delivery of yoga to future students. There is no doubt my confidence has increased in teaching and I left the course feeling very equipped to plan a wide range of lessons to varying abilities.

    I would definitely say Paddy and all the course tutors are “simply the best”, they gave 100% in everything they do at each training weekend - my advice would simply be to “go for it and enjoy”. Namaste.

    Karen Laverty 200 Hour Graduate ( 2020 )
  • I had been thinking about doing a yoga teacher training course for a few years and after I sent Paddy an email enquiry and then talking to him on the phone, my decision was made, despite me still being nervous. The email that Paddy sent me back and then talking to him on the phone made me feel that this was the course for me, he was so genuine and sincere, and something just clicked and the rest is history as they say!

    As I embarked on this journey to go deeper into my yoga practice led by Paddy I didn’t quite know the profound effect it would have on me!

    I joined thinking I didn’t want to teach yoga, this is just for me, but through the excellent teaching and guidance on the course I am so ready and excited to share and teach yoga in my own way. The course teaches you to embrace ‘you’, to teach from your heart centre, to believe in yourself and the knowledge you have learnt and then go confidently and share.

    As I walked out of studio after the final assessment day I had changed, well in fact I hadn’t changed so much as I just got closer to my authentic ‘Self’, the essence of me. Boy what a journey!!! The teaching, yoga practice, knowledge and wisdom imparted through the teachers on this course has impacted my life on every level, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

    If you love yoga and its wonderful way’s, then give yourself the gift of this course at Santosha Yoga Studio Lisburn. It is the best thing I have ever done in my adult life. I will always be eternally grateful to Paddy, Michael, Paul and Kay - the yoga dream team.

    I know I will be a strong and confident yoga teacher as the tools that Paddy and the team have equipped me with are second to none!! I am ready, let’s do this!!

    Charmaine McMeekin 200 Hour Graduate ( 2020 )
  • I had been to some yoga classes before via a work initiative, but it was only when I began attending Santosha regularly that I had any inkling there was a lot more to yoga beyond asana practice. Without that, I may not have sought to explore yoga further or embark on teacher training.

    While I was thinking of signing up on the course, one of the teacher trainees at that time kindly suggested we chat over coffee about what the course entailed, and her enthusiasm for it shone through. That day, I noticed the words written on my calendar at home:  “Life is about the people you meet and the memories you create with them along the way. Experience new places, explore the undiscovered and do something you’ve never done before.  Live the stories you want to tell. Seize opportunities and make mistakes, take a chance and go out and make things happen.  This is your story, design a life you love and do more of what makes you happy. The time is now” .

    So my decision was made, I enrolled on the 2018 teacher training intake. Now, course completed,  I am happy to report that it has exceeded my expectations and I have indeed met a lovely group of friends along the way.

    The course covered even more than I could have imagined. We practiced asana, learned anatomy and the limitations/benefits of each pose. There was a focus on class structure and lesson planning. The course also covered presentation skills, the practicalities of setting up in business, considerations for venues and introduced us to the history and philosophy of yoga: The Yoga Sutras, Yamas & Niyamas, Chakras, mudras, mantras, pranayama, relaxation techniques and much more. The expertise of all the teachers was obvious and they could not have been more helpful. 

    I am grateful to Paddy because it was due to his Beginners classes that I became more interested in yoga and began to realize that it was more than just a form of exercise. Paddy’s enthusiasm is infectious and his method of presenting course information, providing summary handouts and then getting the group/small groups involved in further discussions was very effective. The best way to get someone engaged to learn something is to prompt them to think they thought of it themselves, so those adeptly steered discussions helped us to absorb information. I also appreciated the progression of the lesson plans we practiced each morning.  The perceptible increase in difficulty level over time was interesting to observe from a teaching perspective.

    I would credit Paddy’s teaching with getting me fitter in my forties than I ever was before, as I really noticed the improvement in my own strength and the level of my practice over time ( which I could not have achieved during a shorter, more intensive course ) and learning pranayama and relaxation techniques has helped me feel more balanced, physically and mentally.

    I found the course being spaced over one year was very beneficial, I had the time to absorb all the material. I also appreciated the course being structured at the weekends, because this enabled me to fit them in whilst maintaining my full-time job & its shift patterns.  

    In addition to feeling physically stronger, learning how to apply the thigs I`d learnt has made me more mentally resilient, and has had a positive impact on my life.  With the new teaching skills I have acquired, I hope to share that with others in the future.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this thoroughly enjoyable course to anyone.  If you are currently considering yoga teacher training then think back on what it said on my calendar and seize the opportunity to study at Santosha! 😊


    Jen McMaster 200 Hour Graduate ( 2019 )