Testimonials - Level Two

  • I have completed both the Level One and Two teacher training courses with Paddy and have thoroughly enjoyed both..... The tutors delivering the courses have extensive knowledge and experience and were always approachable and encouraging. While the subject matter is serious, we always managed to have fun on the training days as well. I have made new friends through both courses that I hope we will be friends for life.....I feel that my knowledge and understanding  of yoga has grown considerably and realise that the learning process never stops....Sincere thanks to Paddy and all the other tutors for a great experience which I would recommend whole heartedly to anyone.

    Grainne Cochrane - Level One ( 2010 ) and Two graduate (2012)
  • I really enjoyed the Level 2 course for many reasons. Firstly, it was a lot more relaxed than the Level 1 as everyone already had the basic teaching skills so there was no pressure regarding assignments or the final assessment

    Also, because most of us were already teaching, we were more aware of all the things you don't know or aren't sure about until you actually start teaching. Everyone was more confident about asking questions and the content was very relevant to teaching after actually being 'out there'.

    We had lots of questions about situations that we had actually encountered, and it really helped to be able to discuss them with other teachers and tutors. Between us I think we covered almost every scenario and it was a great opportunity to share them with each other and discuss the best way to deal with them.

    Also, surprisingly for me, I found I was more interested in the anatomy this time around because I could actually relate it to my experience in teaching rather than just something that had to be learnt to pass the exam...... it's a lot more practical and relative to myself as a teacher. It was really enjoyable and I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone who has completed Level 1 and started teaching.

    Rosie Corrigan Level Two graduate 2012
  • My Level One teacher training experience led me naturally into the Level Two course which Paddy held in his beautiful studio in Lisburn.

    This course consisted of a much deeper level of understanding towards Asana, Pranayama Anatomy and Physiology, Subtle Anatomy, Philosophy, Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Mantra, Refined teaching skills and Cleansing Practices .

    Once a month for 12months (weekends filled with yoga .... Bliss! ) I travelled from my home here in Carlingford to take part in this exciting course and found it to be that wonderful "next step" in my teacher training. Paddy and his wonderful team of talented and gifted yoga teachers guided us through months of intense training , each teacher drawing from his or her own knowledge and experience to impart little gems of wisdom along the way. I, as both a Yoga teacher and as a person, learned so much over this Level Two course to expand on the tools I had acquired from my Level One training. I found a depth and richness in my own practice which allowed me to grow as a Yoga Teacher and it was on completion of this course with Paddy that I found the confidence to build my own Yoga Studio here in Carlingford and immerse myself completely in this wonderful Mind Body and Spirit experience we know as Yoga .

    Thank you so very much to Paddy and all the excellent teachers I have in my life .....

    Kiera Mc Groarty - Level Two graduate 2009
  • I have completed the Level One & Level Two courses under the direction of Paddy Hamill. Both courses were very well organised, carefully thought through, and great fun. The teachers challenged and supported in equal measure and there was a real sense of camaraderie among students.

    As part of my CPD I still tap into the Level Two course on an ad hoc basis.

    Sarah Kelly Level One graduate ( 2008 ) Level Two ( 2010 )