Meditation Course

This unique Yoga Meditation Teacher Training course has been devised by Michael Mc Cann to offer students an authentic guide and framework to make the living practice of meditation available for all.

Michael has an extensive knowledge and understanding on this subject which will be willingly and generously shared on the course.


Interest in meditation continues to grow as an antidote to our increasingly stressful, complex lives in this hyper-digital age.Today, we are bombarded by so much information, by constant media, and are more accessible to everything and everyone. We are divorced from our centre, out of touch with our being. Despite the sense of being part of a global family, of having unprecedented knowledge at our fingertips, we often feel a sense of invasion, of alienation, and crave a secure place, some space to get our bearings.

Technological progress, consumerism, and materialism do not bring peace of mind, and we feel unhappy, and live on auto - pilot. We suffer stress, and in turn, stress affects our body, our mind, our emotions and immune system.


 "The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life."  - Sogyal Rinpoche 

Increasingly, meditation is being recognised as a powerful way of healing ourselves and reclaiming our `centre`. The meditative state is true being, peace, and acceptance of the here and now. Meditation is a state, and yet it is also a way. There are numerous ways, for all types of personalities, drawn from the great wisdom and spiritual traditions.


The Course is both experiential and practical. It recognizes that we are all different and that one particular approach does not suit everyone. Comprehensive course material will help and assist students and act as an invaluable resource and reference point during and beyond the course.




  • To promote an understanding of Yoga and wisdom teachings on meditation as a way of regaining wholeness, health and integration in all levels 
  • To inculcate a comprehensive knowledge of yogic methods of meditation and their rationale
  • To inculcate a clear insight into Yogic psychology
  • To nurture an organic unfolding of the teachings in the student
  • To awaken the heart so that one can walk the Yoga Path
  • To develop confidence, through your practice, in teaching a broad variety of meditation techniques.             

You will be guided through numerous practices to help you prepare for meditation and to experience and gain meaningful insights.

You will develop an understanding of the rationale behind the practices against the matrix of rich wisdom teachings.

By the end of the course, you will have established a thorough meditation practice which will provide you with a platform to create, expand and develop meditation practices for both you and your students - if you are a teacher.

The course will therefore have a strong experiential emphasis as one teaches best what one practises. You will develop confidence to teach a variety of meditation techniques, and to adapt them sensitively and intuitively to different needs and circumstances. This is a great service to others.


A recommended reading list of appropriate books will be provided on the first training day. If you would like further information on the various modules, please download the course Prospectus using the link at the bottom of this page.


All of the course material is supported by various wisdom teachings and while it will point the way, each of us must tread the path alone – ‘a Path with Heart’.


Duration: 5 days - ( 10am - 4.30pm )

Dates of next course:  Autumn `24 - dates to be confirmed


Cost: £595 - a non-refundable deposit of £195 plus 2 x payments of £200 on the first and third days.

Payments can be made by way of cheque, cash, bank transfer. 


Course requirementsAlthough there are no specific entry requirements this course is open to any student with a solid meditation practice / background and already qualified yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of meditation. You should have an open and enquiring mind and heart, and be prepared to look at the world through uncoloured lenses. 

If you would like further information on this course please e mail or call 028 92 63 44 64. You can also contact Michael directly on 079 620 77 521 or by e mail 

If you would like to enrol on this course an Application Form should be completed and returned as soon as possible.

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    Meditation Prospectus

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