Post - Natal and Baby Yoga

These classes are a great way for new Mums and Babies to get to know and support each other. Open to new Mums and Babies from 4 weeks to crawling you will practice together and help establish and sustain that loving bond that you will no doubt be feeling. After the demands of child-birth the classes offer Mum an opportunity to:

  • Regain some of that lost energy and reclaim your body
  • Help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Release tension and tightness of the neck and shoulders
  • Re-build lost endurance levels as well as strengthening the tummy muscles  
  • An improvement in all of these things will of course help boost depleted energy levels and reduce fatigue!


The benefits for Baby are many and varied as well of course. The class can help in numerous ways:

  • Allow baby to stretch out after being restricted within the womb
  • A focused sense of touch and contact helps enhance the interaction between Mum and Baby
  • Gives Mum increased confidence in handling her new born
  • Promote improved and increased mobility of the joints
  • Help relieve constipation
  • Reduce colic

The use of music, songs and rhymes ensure that the classes are both fun and stimulating!


The practice of yoga nidra ( relaxation ) promotes a very real sense of calmness, allowing Mum to let go of unwanted tension and anxiety. Mum can then transmit this sense of security to baby and very often by the end of the class many babies are sound asleep!


The balance of activity and relaxation complement each other perfectly and this leads to a more settled and contented baby. As parents we all know how important establishing a good sleeping pattern is - for both Baby and Mum!!


There is of course the social element to your class. You have the opportunity to catch up with new Mums who you may have previously met in your pre-natal class only this time with baby in tow! Old friendships are renewed and new ones made and with an extensive range of cafes in the immediate area there is an opportunity for something to eat, have a chat and catch-up over a cup of tea or coffee.



The class is taught by Gill Henderson , who has been teaching it at Santosha Yoga Studio since 2005, having trained in Postnatal, Baby  and Smart toddler Yoga with Birthlight. She is also an IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Instructor since 2009. She also teaches Pregnancy Yoga  at Santosha Yoga Studio ( since 2004)  pioneering it in Northern Ireland since 2003. She trained with Birthlight  in Perinatal Yoga in London under Dr Francoise Freedman and Uma Dinsmore Tuli. She also teaches the Hypno Yoga for Birth class, immeasurably enriching what she offers as a widely experienced Pregnancy Yoga teacher.   


If you would like to book on to the Post - Natal & Baby Yoga class or require further information E mail or  phone 028 92 63 44 64