Pranayama One Year Foundation Course - Philip Xerri

Pranayama is the bridge that leads us into the deeper dimensions of yoga. It consists of two parts - 'prana' meaning 'life force' and 'ayama' which means  'control or restraint'.

More subtle than simply the air we breathe 'Prana is the sum total of all the energy in the universe' according to Swami Sivananda. 

It`s various practices control the all-pervading energy that permeates our entire body and influences every cell of our being. Through the consistent and regular practice of pranayama exercises we can strengthen the lungs, increase lung capacity as well as creating balance mentally and physically.   

Although there is a theory to guide the aspirant in all of his / her practices of yoga it has more to do with shifting perspective.

The first step in this process is to begin experiencing this energy in our body on a more subtle level. It is in the receiving, perceiving and experiencing of this energy that we can connect into Pranayama Kosha, helping to activate and purify the flow of prana through the nadis and re-establish the natural relaxed rhythms of the body and mind.

In this four day Pranayama Course students will receive an in - depth, logical, tightly structured, developmental, practical and theoretical appreciation of Pranayama from its beginnings ( founded in the Mahat Yoga Pranayama ) to its classical expression as found in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

This structure runs through five phases of practice:

  • Foundations
  • Developmental
  • Alignment
  • Purification
  • Classical

As well as looking at fundamental techniques, there is structured personal development from basic breathing through to the practice of classical Kumbhaka. How to integrate the practice of Pranayama in a class situation and guide both yourself and your students is a core tenet of the course.

Students will also receive comprehensive course handouts, home practice schedules as well as a bound and illustrated manual.

Dates 2021: April 10th, May22nd, June 26th, July 24th & Sept. 11th


Duration: 5 days. 


Cost: £645 - a non - refundable deposit of £195 followed by 3 x payments of £150 ( payable on Days 1, 3 & 5 ).


Students can avail of an `early bird` booking discount of £50- Book and pay the deposit before 31st December 2020 - cost will be £595 in total.

N.B Students who have completed this course previously can avail of our `refresher discount` offer and may enrol either for an individual day (£40) or for the full course (£250). ( Space permitting ).

This unique and bespoke course will be delivered by Philip Xerri: 

Philip studied with Dr. Swami Gitananda in India in 1981, graduated from Lancaster University with an Honours degree in Comparative Religions in 1984, qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1985 and also in this year set up his own Yoga organisation – Yoga Quests which he has run continously from 1986 to date. Philip has also experienced many other schools of Yoga and has qualified in Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Touch for Health.

The main focus of Philip’s practice has always been Pranayama, culminating in the formulation of this One Year Pranayama Foundation Course which encapsulates Philip’s two fold approach to the practice of Pranayama – structured, progressive, developmental, logical but also holding firmly onto the power and spiritual poignancy of the practice.

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Pranayama Prospectus

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