Yoga for Athletes

Our unique Yoga for Athletes course is designed to equip students with a thorough understanding of many common sports injuries and the role that yoga can play in the prevention and rehabilitation of those injuries.

You will receive an over - arching insight into each injury discussed and how best, through yoga,  to rehabilitate the sports person / athlete back to full recovery.

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Particular attention will be paid to the psoas muscle. This is a muscle which represents the keystone on which a balanced and well integrated body rests. 'It is from the area of the psoas that wise women and wise men ground themselves.' - so says Liz Koch – author of The Psoas Book. This is a particularly important muscle for the sports person as imbalances can adversely affect postural alignment and impinge on mobility within the pelvis and groin. It acts as a bridge between the spine and the pelvis and students will examine its location, role and function.

Yoga has a role to play in the preparation of a sportsperson / team or can form part of a warming up or cooling down sequence for sports people while a restorative practice can aid the recovery process . Students will develop an understanding of how to plan a yoga class tailored for a sportsperson / team to meet their specific requirements.

Group exercises will be undertaken throughout the course to reinforce topics covered and ensure that students have a thorough grasp of all of the concepts.

Supervised Lesson planning assignments will be undertaken by students with a view to developing an increased understanding of how to adequately prepare a class(es) based on the needs of a sports person / group.

Comprehensive and sport specific lesson plans are supplied as part of the course material.

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Dates of next course: May 25 / 26th & June 22 / 23rd 2019. 


Duration: 4 days

Cost: £595 - a non-refundable deposit of £195 plus 2 x payments of £200 due on the respective weekends. Students can avail of £50 discount if ALL course fees are paid in full on or before the first training weekend. All payments can be made by way of cheque, cash, bank transfer or credit / debit card. If you would like to pay in euro the sterling amount is claculated at the time of payment - which will depend on the exchange rate. 

Course requirements: You should be a qualified yoga teacher.


 "If you are searching for a `Yoga for Athletes` course, look no further, Santosha Yoga is the place you need to be. This was an amazing course from the start. The team of tutors, and of course Paddy himself is what really makes this course special. They are highly experienced professionals in their own field and cover a comprehensive amount of material in 4 days. You will leave with an impressive number of sports specific lesson plans that become your bible!  Paddys warm welcome, down to earth approach and humour will immediately put you at ease.  He has a unique teaching style and it is refreshing to meet a teacher teach from the heart and want to share so much with you, there is no ego in Santosha.  It was the perfect choice for me and paved my way to work more intensively with athletes."  

 - Avril Mullally, Roscommon Yoga


"I would recommend Santosha Yoga's `Yoga for Athletes` course wholeheartedly. Paddy Hamill is a highly skilled yoga teacher who has developed a comprehensive yoga for sports course that addresses all of the issues related to sports that a yoga teacher can use to add value to their service. Paddy's team of tutors are leaders in their respective fields and are very knowledgeable and supportive in how they deliver their material. It was 4 days of learning that truly complemented my previous knowledge base and training. If you are or intend working with athletes, this sports specific training is vital to ensure quality and safety."

- Anne Marie Kennedy, Sports Yoga Ireland



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