Slow Down & Tune in - Winter Yin Yoga Workshop with Aisling Graham

28 January 2024

Winter is the most “yin” time of the year. It’s a time when the natural world slows down and the days are generally darker. The yin yoga sequence in this winter workshop will emphasise longer holds in forward folds, bringing the spine into flexion, which helps us to turn inward. Whether this is in dragon pose, child's pose or dragonfly, we will be working in a multifaceted way to release in other areas, whilst the focus will be on calming the mind and bringing the awareness inward. Forward folding postures help to relieve stress, anxiety, headaches and even mild depression.

At this time of year, water turns to ice, and plants store their energy in their roots. Winter is considered a time of reflection, deep receptivity, and a time of building potency. The season of winter asks us to slow down and store up. This workshop is suitable for everyone from beginners, through to yoga teachers. I invite you to slow down and to listen into the deepest recesses of your body to replenish your whole system's well-being. Focusing on stillness, time and the weight of your own body, whilst being held in a safe space, I invite you to gently meet your edge, hold softly in each posture and to authentically let go on a mental plane.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this season is related to the water element and Kidney energy. Kidney energy can become depleted with stress, over stimulation, and overwork. So during this time of year it’s especially important to rest, rejuvenate, and nourish new seeds of potential. This is also a wonderful time of year to focus on internal practices like meditation, contemplation and perhaps to even revisit or revise your san kalpa (heartfelt desire) that you set at the beginning of the year

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DATE: Sunday 28th January

TIME: 10am - 12.30pm

COST: £25