Sonic Temple - A Journey Back to Source with Tyrell and Santiago

23 March 2024

Sonic Temple Music is an opportunity to feel the vibrations of gongs and other instruments and mantras to facilitate deep meditation, total relaxation and healing from the vibrational energy created. Sonic Temple is very excited to share another musical journey with you all. We really look forward to seeing you all at Santosha. 

DATE: Saturday 23rd March

TIME: 6-9pm

COST: £30


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Tyrell and Santiago met at a ceremony event each playing their own instruments and had an instant connection. Afterwards they decided to meet up and this is when Sonic Temple was born. Tyrell is a self taught musical genius and Santiago from his life many moons ago as a drummer, is incredibly passionate about his gongs. They found a way to melt the gongs with Tyrell’s instruments and voice and they take individuals on a "Journey Back to Source”.  They travelled together last year in India and Cambodia and this was a time to fuse their passion even deeper.

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