What happens in a yoga class?

Your class invariably commences with some `centring` - the starting point for this process is normally to observe the breath and connect with its  natural rhythm. This allows you to let go of the stresses, strains and demands of the day to find an inner calmness. This breath awareness is encouraged throughout the class as a means of developing a focused connection to how your body feels. You will then begin to practice some yoga asanas ( postures ). There are literally hundreds of these and any given yoga class will allow you to explore the practice of some of them helping to massage internal organs and glands and promote the free flow of energy around and through the body helping to reduce sluggishness. After completing your asana ( posture )  practice you will complete your class with some well earned yoga nidra ( relaxation ). You will normally lie in Shavasana ( corpse pose ) and let the body absorb the benefits of your asana practice, de-stress and let go. Lasting approximately 1 1/2hours in duration your yoga class can be the starting point for a personal  transformation in terms of health, lifestyle choices and as a spur to empowerment and achieving your goals!