Why Choose Santosha Training School?

Highly structured, professional and quality training - our promise to You!

We limit the number of students on each course to ensure a high quality student experience.


Our graduates have the opportunity to develop a supplementary or alternative career choice - a choice that is informed and infused by your passion, commitment and love of Yoga.

We recognize that your practice of yoga is a life long learning process and our highly structured range of courses is delivered in a system of learning which allows you to grow as your level of practice and understanding increases.

What you can expect to receive:

  • At the beginning of the course Paddy gives a personal commitment to help and assist each and every student in what will be a life long journey of learning. 

  • Our courses are underpinned by student safety as the cornerstone on which you learn. 

  • We provide flexible payment options to help make our courses more easily accessible. We offer a secure on - line payment facility which accepts all majot credit / debit cards.

  • Our 200 hour teaching course is accompanied by a teaching pack which contains the course modules in booklet format.

  • Each student receives a comprehensive asana booklet with information on each and every asana on the syllabus including:

- photograph

- directions

- benefits

- modifications & tips.

It also contains a phonetic guide to help with the sanskrit pronunciation of the various poses.


All of this material serves to support you as you progress through the course and acts as an invaluable resource, learning tool and reference point during and beyond the course.

  • Comprehensive lesson plans are supplied so that students can help initiate or consolidate a home practice. These also aid the student in relation to the Lesson / Course planning element of the course allowing you to understand and apply key concepts when planning a yoga class.

  •  At the core of the course is the practical application of everything that you study.

  • We place a tremendous amount of importance on establishing key principles in relation to both the teaching and practice of yoga. It is these fundamentals that will guide you in your own future development.

  • Supervised teaching practice forms an integral element in the learning process while various assignments, both written and practical, act in support of the course material and help establish solid foundations. These solid foundations will ensure that you can teach yoga confidently and competently. 

  • Through a progressive structure in which students acquire the necessary skills to teach yoga you can transition from an eager novice taking their first tentative steps on their teaching career into a well-rounded, well-grounded and mature yoga teacher who is capable and comfortable teaching yoga.


If you would like further information on this or any other aspect of our courses email info@santoshayogatraining.com or contact us directly on 028 92 63 44 64.


Course requirements: There are no special entry requirements although it is expected that students will have attended yoga classes for a minimum of two years.


Next course - Spring 2024


200 hour Diploma Course Prospectus

200 Hour Prospectus

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