Yin Yoga for Sports

New class in the studio from January 2019.

This class is specifically designed for sports people to provide a balance to their training programmes. This yin yoga class will allow you to work the other half of your body, the deeper connective tissues of your ligaments, joints and deep fascial networks that exist all around and even inside your bones.

Yin yoga does have some challenging postures with emphasis on hip openers, however the stillness that is cultivated in a yin practice complements and balances the more vigorous yang styles of yoga.

The term and practice of yin yoga comes originally from Paulie Zink , Chi Kung expert and internationally acclaimed martial arts grand champion who through many years of study, practice and teaching developed this ancient Taoist tradition into his own distinctive and dynamic style which he then passed on to Paul Grilley who trained the teachers who trained Aisling.

Yin yoga classes are slower paced with postures held for longer periods of time which allows the deep fascial networks to become freer generating more openness and movement in the body. This engenders a meditative quality with an emphasis on inwardness and expanding awareness of the body’s process and sensations. Students learn to become more present during practice, and they learn how to release muscular effort by relaxing and surrendering into the pull of gravity.