Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs - Gill Henderson

18 January 2024

Back pain is an extremely common problem, affecting some 80% of us at some point in our lives. It can be debilitating, with chronic impact on quality of life and ability to work. Mind-Body group exercise, such as Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs - an innovative, evidence-based programme recommended by the health regulator, NICE, ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) is a first step towards managing low back pain.

This is a specialist 12-week Yoga programme that gently and progressively aims to help those suffering low back pain to get back to being more active again. No prior experience of Yoga is necessary.


  • 12 weekly classes of easy foundational Yoga poses to build strength & flexibility, providing long term benefits.
  • Pain relieving Yoga poses. Poses targeting back comfort, good posture and re-alignment of the body.
  • Guidance, homework plans and information so that you can practice on your own in between classes.
  • Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs support material for each class
  • Learn how to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into their daily lives.
  • Small groups.
  • Help to reduce the recurrence of future back problems.
  • At the end of the course students are encouraged to continue practising on their own, or to join a suitable yoga class.

If you would like to secure a place on this series of specialist yoga classes please contact Gill directly on 0787 981 0630 or follow this link Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs   or e mail 

DATE: 18th January for 12 consecutive weeks.

TIME: 7.45pm

COST: £190